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SUN 10AM - 2PM

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Park Anywhere (in New York City)

How does this work?

NYC Dropoff

On-Demand Valet Parking

Tap on your destination, and our valet will be there in a jiffy. No planning required!

  1. Set Dropoff Location
    In the ValetAnywhere App, drop a pin at your destination. We currently cover Manhattan from 57th st down to 14th st. It is like setting your own valet stand. In real time, you can track your valet's ETA and location!

  2. Secure Handoff
    When you arrive, your valet will be there to greet you. Your valet's name, picture and handoff code will be displayed in the ValetAnywhere App. (If you are stuck in traffic, we can come to you!)

  3. Your Car Is Safe With Us
    While you head in to your destination, your valet will safely park your car at a secure parking location (and we never street park it). You will get a text when your car has been parked. Insurance? Yep, we got it! We have a $2 million auto general liability & garage keeper policies that make sure your car is covered.

NYC Return

We'll Return Car When And Where You Need It

Need your car in different place than where you dropped it off? No problem!

  1. Set Return Location
    When you need your car back, drop a pin where you would like your car returned to. You will see the ETA and picture of the valet that will be returning your car.

  2. Secure Handoff
    With another handoff code, we make sure we return the car to YOU, and no one else.

  3. Look Ma, No Cash Needed!
    With your credit card entered, every transaction is cashless. Quick, easy, modern way to park!

Our Valets

How we pick our valets.

  • Extensive interview process

    Screening Step 1

    Our valets go through a rigorous screening and interview process to make sure we hire the best for you. We test their driving, customer service, and make sure they are motivated to take care of your car.

  • Criminal Record Check

    Screening Step 2

    We background check the candidate against a national criminal database, as well as other databases (i.e. - sex offender list). In short, we are ensuring your safety.

  • Motor Vehicle Record Check

    Screening Step 3

    To ensure they are safe drivers, we check their driving record. All our valets have clean driving records.

  • Thorough On-the-Job Training

    Screening Step 4

    Before they are officially hired, our valets are field trained and tested. Once a valet passes training and is ready, we equip them with an adult kick scooter (so they get to you fast), uniform (so they look sharp), and an iPhone 5c (so you can track them as they come to you).


Have your car parked & returned to you.

All for $6/HR with a daily maximum of $42.

(Parking, Valet, Taxes Included)

Welcome to the new way to park.